Picnic - Picnique

5 July - Juillet


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Brian Dwyer and family/et famille


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Mario Gemme and sons/et fils


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 René Poirier, Eric McKoy


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Glen Cowie, Dave Golding


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Boris Czenohorsky and family/et famille


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Dave Golding, Clifford Burke, Glen Pharand and families/et familles


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Danny White, Dave Golding, Clifford Burke, George Graham


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Brent Howarth and guests/et invites


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Broad View 


Local-89-Picnic-2003-012e.jpg (35529 bytes)

Rodney MacMillan and family/et famille


Local-89-Picnic-2003-013e.jpg (33459 bytes)

Bernard Fournier and family/et famille


Local-89-Picnic-2003-014e.jpg (36995 bytes)

Brian, Rodney MacMillan and family/et famille


Local-89-Picnic-2003-015e.jpg (38332 bytes)

Rob Patterson and family/et famille


Local-89-Picnic-2003-016e.jpg (36545 bytes)

Billy, Brian Dwyer and friend/et amie


Local-89-Picnic-2003-017e.jpg (39399 bytes)

Brian, Dru MacMillan, Sue, George Graham


Local-89-Picnic-2003-018e.jpg (37228 bytes)

Paddy Carroll, Pat Millar, Brian Dwyer


Local-89-Picnic-2003-019e.jpg (40350 bytes)

Pat Millar, Marc Gagnier, Glen Pharand


Local-89-Picnic-2003-020e.jpg (38750 bytes)

Peter and/et   ?  Delaportas