Illegal Hoist

Illegal hoist: On the south shore of Montreal is a contraption that they call an outside hoist used to bring up workers and material. It was brought to our attention by the business representative from another trade. It has no buffers, limits, electric door locks, safeties, governor, enclosure under unit, ground and disconnect at unit.  The size of the platform doesn’t meet code requirements.  The structure does not meet code.    


The traveling cable has 600 volts running through it and is allowed to drag the ground under the unit.

Under unit.  Bathroom fan cooling motor.

Under unit inadequate frame.

Someone could have their head or limbs taken off when unit passes a floor. 


Unit does not seem to be anchored properly.  Does concrete slab under unit meet code? 

Looking down onto roof. The roof does not meet code.

The mechanical door locks can be opened from the landing. 








Under unit.

Unit at its end of travel on roof.