75th. Anniversary - Anniversaire

Hamilton 2003


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George Graham
 Peter Verrege
 Charlie Murray

Ruby & Glendon Jones


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Don Laker, Rick Baxter
Wayne Poburan
Bob Logee, Mike Conkin

....?...., ....?....
Bob & Linda Crosby
Ron McNivein


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Brian & Dru MacMillan
Doris Dubois & Roger Harpin
....?.... & Norm Janzen
Sue Graham

Dru MacMillan
 Doris Dubois & Roger Harpin
....?.... & Norm Janzen
Sue & George Graham


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Ernie Blades, Ron McNivein
Linda & Bob Crosby
 Peter & ....? Verrege

Jim Besszong, Mike Conkin
Rick Baxter, Don Laker
Wayne Poubran, Ron McNivein


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75-Ann-Ham-2003-9.jpg (39731 bytes)

Sue & George Graham

Dru MacMillan, Doris Dubois


 75-Ann-Ham-2003-12.jpg (39217 bytes)

75-Ann-Ham-2003-11.jpg (39330 bytes)


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Doris Dubois & Roger Harpin

 Mike Conkin, Gordon Heard
Bob Logee, Ernie Blades, George Graham
Sitting /Assises: Roger Harpin, 
Brian MacMillan


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75-Ann-Ham-2003-16.jpg (31956 bytes)

Sue Graham, Doris Dubois
Dru MacMillan

Bob Crosby, ....?....,
Ernie Blades, Mike Conkin
Gordon Heard


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75-Ann-Ham-2003-19.jpg (25289 bytes)

Sue & George Graham
Brian & Dru MacMillan
Doris Dubois & Roger Harpin


75-Ann-Ham-2003-20.jpg (31493 bytes)

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Dru MacMillan, Ruby Jones

Sue & George Graham
Brian & Dru MacMillan
Doris Dubois, Roger Harpin


75-Ann-Ham-2003-22.jpg (25465 bytes)

75-Ann-Ham-2003-23.jpg (22024 bytes)

....?...., ....?...., 
Sue & Ben MacIntyre

Bob Crosby, ....?....,
Ernie Blades, Mike Conkin
Gordon Heard


75-Ann-Ham-2003-25.jpg (20384 bytes)

75-Ann-Ham-2003-26.jpg (47207 bytes)

Ernie Blades, Mark Langan

George Graham & Ernie Blades


75-Ann-Ham-2003-27.jpg (69834 bytes)

75-Ann-Ham-2003-28.jpg (52799 bytes)

Jim Besszong Sr., ....?...., 
....?...., ....?....

Jim Besszong, Jim Bellenie
Mike Conkin, Dale Coalmer


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75-Ann-Ham-2003-30.jpg (53117 bytes)

Linda Crosby

Bob Crosby, Ernie Blades
Gordon Heard, Jim Besszong


75-Ann-Ham-2003-31.jpg (53117 bytes)

75-Ann-Ham-2003-33.jpg (52770 bytes)

Jim Bellenie, ....?...., 
....?...., ....?....,

The Besszong's


75-Ann-Ham-2003-35.jpg (31795 bytes)

75-Ann-Ham-2003-36.jpg (27985 bytes)

Rick & Pat Baxter

....? & Mark Langan


75-Ann-Ham-2003-37.jpg (36066 bytes)

75-Ann-Ham-2003-38.jpg (36462 bytes)

Bill Kulchinski, Doug Cann

George Graham, Peter Verrege
Charlie Murray, Bob Crosby


75-Ann-Ham-2003-39.jpg (38111 bytes)

75-Ann-Ham-2003-40.jpg (34671 bytes)

Sue & Wayne Poburan

Bob Crosby, Dale Coalmer
Mike Conkin


75-Ann-Ham-2003-41.jpg (33396 bytes)

75-Ann-Ham-2003-42.jpg (29730 bytes)

Brian & Dru MacMillan

Charlie Murray


75-Ann-Ham-2003-43.jpg (35029 bytes)

....?...., Bob & Linda Crosby

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